Nerjis Asif Shakir

Nerjis Asif Shakir
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Nerjis Asif Street Photographer

Nerjis Asif Street Photographer
Bollywoods Most Wanted Photographer

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mee Nerjis Asif Shakir

Mee Indiblogger Nerjis Asif Shakir

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Nerjis Asif Shakir is 2 month old and has been blogging from the first day of her birth 17 July 2011.. she is on Google+Twitter and ex Facebook she has Marc Zuckurburg in her circle though .. she is a photostream on

Here she is wearing Anna Hazares cap.. and welcoming him as a blogger on cyberspace why Wordpress beats her ...Blogspot would have been more interactive ,..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Mark of the Blogger ...

Her tryst with destiny continues..a barefeet blogger without shoes within the soul of a camera a poetic residue ...she is what she is innocence it is true you are human before you are muslim christian or a hindu..from facebook over the cuckoos nest she flew..2 months old a blog she grew ..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bloggers Are Born Funny...Nerjis Asif Shakir

John Dixon

A taverna, back of nowhere
strong spirit to ease the soul
a small child with care drawing
pencil slow in motion

Just a moment of nothing
a few moments out of time
to glance at the moving pencil
and the graceful hand that held it

Such care and concentration
whatever could her picture be?
to move the head a little closer
to see what eyes could see

Eyes took in her heart was crying
for a life that would never be
hers’ only toil and birth
and the misery that is Earth

Some they bloom in springtime
the mountain crocus blooms in fall
yet this was the very first time
the eyes took in a flower’s tear

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nerjis Asif Shakir Checking Her Facebook Update

two months old
first rate
she did not
have to wait
of her
cybernetic fate
her facebook
destiny's child
at destiny's gates
her mothers beauty
her fathers traits

Sunday, September 18, 2011

She Is Itching To Shoot Me And She Is Just 2 Month Old

I introduced her to the camera a few hours after she was born on the first day of her life.. and the day she was born she was online.. her world Flickr Facebook Twitter and the ominously forgotten Google+ the youngest Indi Blogger Nerjis Asif Shakir ..

She was blessed by the camera an instrument close to God in creating Hope Humanity Goodwill and Peace.

And my camera has shot humanity .. from the speck of dust as man to God in the body of earthen clay.. my camera holds the residue of pain as Gulal of the Hindu gods to blood of Ghame Hussain .

My camera has walked with Jesus barefeet .. on Good Friday 14 stations of the camera has kissed the Tomb of Nizamuddin Aulia and the feet of Amir camera has fallen in the waters of the Godavri during Kumbh , but once dried began holistically working again , my camera has fallen from great heights but God kept it alive .

From my hands into the hands of a two year old girl who shot and became Photographerno1.. she shot Moharam the children doing zanjir matam , she shot Lord Ganesh Ma Durga she shot Jesus and the Church, nothing could stop her she shot beggars she shot a hijra too completing a cosmic cycle of pain and reliving moments on the soul of Man.

Marziya Shakir at times shoots better pictures than simply because her vision sees no flaws no bias her vision is Gods vision , my vision is borrowed from God...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nerjis Asif Shakir is 2 Month Old

a lifetime achievement
sharp and bold to spent
two months on this planet
where more than humanity
they worship gold
nerjis asif shakir
worlds youngest
indi blogger
two months old
waiting in the wings
a camera inner vision
like marziya shakir
a photographer behold
a tryst with destiny
with dr glenn losack md
fred miller randy der
linda schafer
at cafe Leopold
holistic healing
with each picture
a story on hold