Nerjis Asif Shakir

Nerjis Asif Shakir
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Nerjis Asif Street Photographer

Nerjis Asif Street Photographer
Bollywoods Most Wanted Photographer

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nerjis Asif Shakir Is a Street Photographer Waiting In The Wings

the original google+kid

I Thought I Would Never Post Her Pictures But I Succumb To Her Charm

Nerjis Asif Shakir is my camera loving grand daughter , she turned 8 month recently and the day my wife told me she had a serous health related problem , my world crashed becuse we both are Malangs , mystics or whatever you understand by this term.. we relate to each other through the poetry of Life .

I disabled public views of her pictures here at Flickr and other places on the net.

Nerjs Asif Shakir I baptized as the Google+ kid as she was launched on Google+ the very second she was born and her picture clicked and sent to me by my eldest son..father of the youngest street photographer Marziya Shakir too.

Its been about a few weeks that Nerjis Asif Shakir fought and almost overcame her illness , but is weak and vulnerable .. we all at home are careful dont touch he without washing our hands..

We give her space and she is the only crawler in our house , mind you I have another pretty grand daughter Zaira Saif Shakir .. the prettiest in our Shakir family.. daughter of my second son.

Nerjis Asif Shaki waits for me to come from work..lunch time is limited and when I see her she is asleep so late in the evening I play with her , take her down and she wont begin her session without drooling all over the Canon EOS 7D.

She knows the camera , and I assist her press her fingers on the trigger and so the camera will never be an alien entity to her childs consciousness.

Marziya Shakir too began her tryst with the camera as a toddler began shooting pictures since she was 2 year old.

My only daughter my son in law , my wife my sons and daughter in laws are all adept with the camera ..

And I am learning photography for the first time teaching this 8 month old child who will one day be my Photo Guru.. the master of my photography and destiny too..

And I dedicate this post to my Google+ friend Jack C Crawford ..

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Malang 8 Month Old

The Malang 8 Month Old

I have disabled her pictures for public viewing from my Flickr photo stream, but my grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir is recovering from a serious illness ..and we dont touch her without sanitizing our hands , and she wonders what all this fuss is all about..

She moves about the house on her walker , her first love is the camera , and she loves feeling it touching it m, if I take a shot I show it to her on the camera monitor..

In the nights after I come from work, shower I take her down and she observes my world silently.. she is unlike her sister 4 year old Marziya Shakir, Marziyas life was full time adventure , touching animals playing with them.. animals are out of bound to Nerjis ..she does not take kindly to strangers , only people she knows and trusts and these are about a dozen, she gets scared of people with glasses but both my wife and I are exception.. she goes for our glasses and crushes the frames.. she can get very angry loves grapes oranges and apple juice.

So teaching photography to a 8 month old child is making her get used to the contours of the camera , and it sounds crazy , Marziya began shooting pictures at the age of 2..

The Canon EOS 7D is a heavy camera ,.. but Marziya Shakir is comfortable using it...